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White Walker

White Walker

I couldn't resist a Game of Thrones reference lol.  

I have never been the type to gravitate towards shorts. Lately I have been going outside of my comfort zone and pushing myself to try them.  I'm glad the trend of "soft" shorts is in style, because I hate denim and structured shorts on me.   Soft shorts I can handle because at least they don't ride up every two minutes!

I was scanning the clearance section at Lane Bryant when I came across this wonderful pair of off white crocheted shorts.  I figured heck why not try them on.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  They are totally comfortable with a inseam length that I love. The crochet overlay makes me feel more covered while giving these shorts an interesting texture.  I paired the shorts with a true white tee.  I love white and cream together, and because I'm not one for matchy matchy it works perfectly.  As for accessories I thought gold was the way to go.  I am wearing a gold layered necklace that came in my Rocksbox, and my rose gold Michael Kors watch.  I know some people hate mixing metals, but I happen to love it.  As for my feet, I chose a pair of gold gladiator sandals that are seriously like 10 years old!

This is totally something you could rock to a 4th of July bbq and look totally cute while staying comfortable.

I hope you guys enjoyed.  Pls make sure to comment and subscribe below :)



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