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What Lies Beneath (Sonsee Woman Review)

I teamed up with Sonsee Woman to give you a review on anti-chafing shorts. Every plus size woman with bigger legs can attest that chub rub is real!  I know there are creams out there to help your legs glide, but it never worked for me.  I walk A LOT, and I don't have time to keep reapplying some cream every 5 minutes.

The concept of these shorts is amazing.  Non-shapwear chafing shorts.  Before having these I was stuck wearing shapewear under my dresses, and who wants  that in the summer!

Now let's get into the review!  I wore these a couple times so I could give my most honest opinions.  

Did they work?  Yes!  These shorts are super comfortable which made me really happy.  My favorite part (and what I was fearing) was that the waist band would cut into me creating a roll.  I was pleasantly surprised!  The material is so elastic that I had none of that going on. In terms of material think of a really stretchy, non constricting thick pantyhose.  I happen to love the fabric.  Very comfortable and breathable.  

They have different options in terms of leg lengths for the shorts.  The shorts I received were in nude and I believe the short length.  I am happy to report that these did not roll!  They held up great!  I did have to pull them down a few times after walking, because they would ride up some.  If you have bigger legs like me I would recommend getting the longer length short to remedy that issue.

Overall I think these are great and I'm excited to be able to wear something that isn't shapewear during the summer.

Make sure to check out Sonsee Woman for the latest plus size hosiery!  




This post was sponsored.  All opinions are my own.


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